Abaddon is a post-apocalyptic PC computer game I have been working on for fifteen years now. It has been through a variety of iterations, each of them a full 30+ hour game, all of which are available on the Abaddon webpage.

The current version is a 2D isometric game, partially inspired by the Sergio Leone westerns, which has graphical quality approaching the level of many professionally developed titles, a unique background story, and captivating gameplay.

There are tropes and memes from the stereotypical role playing game world. However, it's different in a number of ways. First, the objective isn't to fight evil or slay beasts. Instead, you play the egomaniacal Duke Gilead, a despot facing his inevitable death. Rather than giving up his beloved House Levai, he decides to venture forth and discover the secret to immortality.

The inspiration is a mixture of post-apocalyptic movies, spaghetti westerns, and an ancient story, the Epic of Gilgamesh.

You can view my old page for Abaddon on my Sourceforge account at: http://bleu.sourceforge.net/abaddon

I have a new version of Abaddon that should be released soon. I also have a new Abaddon web page that I will have online soon.

Thank you, Gerard I. Prudhomme M.Sc. 9/23/19

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