Buying Works of Comic Art at Low Prices

Moreover, you may buy them on the internet, if you dare not enter the comic bookstores. Also, if your choice is either Iron Man or Daredevil, I must congratulate you, as you have exquisite taste. However, their history does not necessarily follow classic Marvel universe history in its chronological order, and there are even some modifications to the original origin stories for Iron Man and Daredevil. The number of comics accessible on the market has forced me to take a step back, and I advise a collector to take the time to make a beautiful collection.

What to Start With?

Your choices will either be a heterogeneous set of works gleaned over the years or the implementation of targeted purchases following a thread. If you are considering getting all the second-hand comics collections, you should be careful, as they are often hard to find and quite expensive. Others may advise that you have to see all the great years of the main superheroes of the Marvel universe.

Do not panic. These are the adventures of the heroes whose beginnings, therefore, have a vibrant background. I will begin to make a small response to each of these questions.

How Can I Recognize the Comics That Are Good Investments for a Collection?

The love of comics is paramount, but in the end, I believe that none of us wish to do bad business, and I also conceive the construction of this collection as the opportunity to invest, but in one of my passions. To summarize, a comic should be made for you, the artist speaks to you.

Perhaps you would love a Disney collection of comics. For example, Ultimate Universe was created with the aim of attracting new readers into the Marvel universe without any constraints of continuity. You can also find your guide, a person whom you consider to be able to advise you.

So, it is easier to get started when you already have a strong knowledge of different comic artistic fields or even a bank account to make a Rothschild blush. So, to start and try not to be financially ruined, we will already try to be a little selective to see what we like the most and we will deepen the rest afterward. As for the events that have marked the entire Marvel universe (that is, all characters beyond their respective series), this is generally called a crossover, and the two most important are House of M and Civil War which still have repercussions to date.

To Which Currents of the History of Comics Am I the Most Sensitive?

Some collections still require some knowledge of the Marvel universe, especially if it is a crossover. What strategy should we adopt to build our collection? The early series of the Ultimate series thus takes over the first hours of the superheroes, the origin of their powers, the formation of teams and so on. Inevitably, they are the headliners of the house of Marvel, and also they are the more popular comics.

Indeed, the universe of Marvel is composed of several "worlds" of which these are the main ones. Note that the characters of the classic universe of Marvel do not live in the same universe as the characters of the Ultimate Marvel universe. Among all the Marvel titles, what goes out in bookstores, between the series, the comics that are not reissued and the old set of comics, it is a vibrant world.

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