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Thus, here is a backstage glance at the GCE (Game Creator Engine), guiding my video game Abaddon.
I have considerably refactored the code. In the beginning, I had developed the code to get anything that functioned essentially. Therefore I had shed my encapsulation. Given that I have rewritten almost everything, the overall game operates considerably faster. I arranged each concept considerably more pragmatically, as well as the classes now possess both high cohesion and loose coupling.
Obviously, there may nonetheless be loads of work to perform. I wish to generate a great interface for my manager objects to inherit from to begin with, even though that could require multiple inheritances, and develop the gameState out of an integer into a class that could call up the relevant subroutines as I am utilizing a switch statement and case block to achieve that at this time.
Anyway, I have additionally modified the installation software so that it immediately runs the DirectX Web Installer Client to improve your DirectX on the newest edition. This task ought to rectify any absent DLL miscalculations. Additionally, by utilizing LZMA compression, and by eliminating a couple of testing assets, I inadvertently incorporated into the previous version, I was in a position to reduce the size of the installation software by nearly ten megs.
You could get the newest edition of Abaddon, edition 0.19 here setup0.19.exe (16.57 MB).
I have produced Doxygen documents detailing the device framework as it presently stands. One could see the GCE Documents at: GCE.pdf
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