Motorcycle Crashes

You have the right to be assisted, and a motorcycle accident attorney can help you to obtain a police report free of charge.

Ask your lawyer for the information that they will need to make you a settlement offer within the deadlines set by the law. Your answers will determine the continuation of the compensation operations. Specific steps may seem complex.

As a driver, you may be the victim of a motorcycle accident without third-party intervention (loss of control, falling asleep, etc.). In this case, you will not be covered by the law and will not be entitled to compensation unless the driver of the motorcycle has an optional driver's insurance policy. The additional driver liability insurance will often be limited in the assumption of specific damages, be it a lump sum and with a deductible.

If you were a passenger on a motorcycle: the law lays down the principle of full reparation for bodily and material injuries sustained by passenger victims in a road accident. The insurer of the driver of the vehicle responsible for the crash will be accountable for all of your harm even if he is responsible for the mishap. If a third party is responsible for the motorcycle accident: the insurer of the adverse vehicle must compensate the driver who is the victim of the motorcycle accident according to his share of responsibility, or in full if he is not responsible. In the majority of cases, insurance contracts set an amount of compensation that can be derisory if you are grievously affected.

If the driver of the motorcycle has committed a fault, the compensation for his injury will be diminished according to the importance of his responsibility. If the accident between the vehicles is for no known reason, the individual insurance will compensate each of the drivers by applying the law. If no fault can be established against the driver of the motorcycle victim of the accident, the latter has the right to full compensation and compensation for his injuries.