New AWS (Amazon Web Services) Site Update for 2019

My website was updated to use the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform.
I additionally implemented a new design that I based on the template I previously utilized for my site when it was running on Drupal.
However, my site is now running off my custom CMS that I wrote from scratch with the following: JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, and MySQL.
I also designed and set up the MySQL database structure by myself. These are the kinds of things I do for fun. My idea of a good time is quite different from that of most individuals. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
About the Author
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Gerard Ian Prudhomme, M.Sc.

has studied at Oxford, Harvard, and the University of London and has lived in Paris, Los Angeles, London, and Hawaii. He has a Master's of Science degree and has created myriad commercial, freeware, and open source software programs. Gerard has also written dozens of books. After founding his own company in 2009, he now works primarily as a freelance author and developer. He presently lives in Southern California.