The IT Market Is Changing

Companies are always looking for qualified professionals to respond to technological developments. Ipso facto, IT departments hire a lot.

According to companies, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a candidate corresponding correctly to a job offer the majority of the time. This difficulty is because of the lack of skilled professionals able to respond to market changes. Companies are therefore looking for web and computer professionals.

The IT business combines technology, logic, and analysis. Nevertheless, most companies are more inclined towards a particular aspect of IT. The web today needs technicians to function and grow. Remember, if you want an IT sector job, then you’ll probably need a degree.

Web Developer

A web developer must know multiple computer languages to be able to conceive a program in its totality. A web developer is responsible for building computer programs for his clients. He analyzes needs, creates a project and carries it out.

He may also be responsible for the technical follow-up of a program if the company for which he works does not have a maintenance technician. The Web developer needs to be very rigorous because everything related to computer programs requires extreme precision.

Software Developer

Students who wish to specialize can also take a professional degree in programming. Know that the more you have studied, the easier it will be for you to evolve and become a project leader. To become a software developer, you need at least a Bachelor's degree. Therefore, a degree in computer engineering or attending a school for specialization in computer programming will usually lead to the job of a software developer.

Businesses need skilled developers. The job of web developer and software developer has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years regarding recruitment, salary, and attractiveness. According to recent studies, software developer and web developer arrive respectively at the first and second place of the most wanted trades on LinkedIn.

Smartphone & Tablet Developer

The salary of an application developer is substantially the same as that of a typical developer. The only difference is that this type of work is rarely entrusted to beginners, a few years of experience are often requested. Hundreds of applications are created every day for smartphones, tablets and also for the social network Facebook. Developers who have chosen to specialize in these types of programs have a rosy future.


The salary of webmaster varies depending on the companies for which he works. He must have strong technical skills, and also editorial skills, which can be used to write or modify content. The webmaster is the manager of a website.

He is in charge of a website’s smooth operation on a daily basis. He spends most of his time identifying problems and finding solutions, making changes to the site to attract internet users. Sometimes, the webmaster is responsible for the initial design of the website. Therefore, good knowledge of computer languages is essential.

Web Designer

The web designer works for a client who asks him to take care of the visual identity of his website. If you want to work in the field of IT, but you have a more original profile, then the job of a web designer is for you. The goal is to make the site attractive and give it a unique identity that will captivate the internet user.

To be a web designer you have to be creative. Excellent knowledge of the world of computing is also necessary. A web designer is also responsible for making graphic elements such as wallpapers, illustrations, banners, flash animations and sometimes even logos.

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has studied at Oxford, Harvard, and the University of London and has lived in Paris, Los Angeles, London, and Hawaii. He has a Master's of Science degree and has created myriad commercial, freeware, and open source software programs. Gerard has also written dozens of books. After founding his own company in 2009, he now works primarily as a freelance author and developer. He presently lives in Southern California.