I have changed my web page. - July, 2015

I have some new URLs, repaired the UI for a few pages, and I will be releasing some new pages for my novella.

I have some plans for my novella. - July, 2015

I am holding off though. I would hope my novella's release will really show off all the work I have put into it. I have a new chapter completed for my novella, and I am really proud of myself. Unfortunately, I spend all day on my job, so I don't really have time for anything else!

I did not mean for the long delay in updating the site. - July, 2015

Lots of things have been going on in my personal life. I am in a day job that uses up the majority of my free time. Things are going along. I promise to have more time in the future to devote to my novella.

I have just completed the web site. - July, 2015

I am sure the whole site operates well using the new layout. Through utilizing the superior layout options available I have managed to make a more streamlined website.

I have been gone for a while and a lot of things are different. - July, 2015

Essentially, I have arrived at the idea that the work I had was too primitive in this era of bells and whistles. Although I am still going to use the viewpoint and layout of my favorite novellas I should really be doing it differently. I dusted off my work, something I did a while ago, and dove into it again.

I have had a re-imagining of the setting. - July, 2015

The inspiration began from the Sergio Leone westerns, plus the westerns "The Outlaw Josey Wales", and "Unforgiven". The tough hombres, the violent environment. The style of it all inspired me to merge it together with my novella. The result is the new setting. My idea is that humanity has regressed to a sort of 1800s level of living.

I have just put in a large amount of energy into my novella. - July, 2015

I must say I am very impressed with the progress I have made. Just to list a few things, I have written a few new chapters. I have implemented an overall story arc. I have new characters and a more intuitive structure.