Mercedes-Benz prioritized practicality for the 2015 GLA 45 AMG
October, 2015
Mercedes-Benz improved efficiency, as well as style, by adding: power seats, an electric lift-gate, and seat storage to the 2015 GLA 45 AMG.
The 2015 Ford Edge Is Ready to Perform
November, 2015
For an automobile which will meet all your needs, as well as one that will provide you a fresh new perspective on the Ford range, look to the 2015 Ford Edge.
Chevrolet Held Nothing Back with the 2016 Camaro
November, 2015
The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro control panel is straightforward to use, when compared to earlier models, and the navigation system is a pleasure to interact with.
Wizard Published
October, 2015
Novella CoverMy new book is now available: Wizard.
The preoccupation with spells and the occult, is apparent from the massive amount of do it yourself demonology and conjuration literature which was published around the start of the 16th century.
Colonize Published
August, 2015
Novella CoverMy new book is now available: Colonize.
A fanatical secret sect, a government conspiracy, a nanotech virus, and murderous gangs...it's all just another day for our hero.
Web Content Management System
July, 2015
PC This article refers to how to write a web content management system using PHP, which will be like Drupal or Joomla. You may see part of the code. This should give you a base from which you will be able to begin to program your own CMS.
4 Preventive Upkeep Applications
June, 2015
PC Are you interested in conforming to medical gas regulations, handling yearly inspections, and meeting health care regulations with less effort?
If You Want a Useful Site
May, 2015
PCA few of the abilities required to build a website are as follows: writing content, using typography correctly, planning the layout, and making the images necessary.