New interface design


Hello all! Long time no see.

Rest assured I have been productive during my hiatus. Over the next few days I will be uploading loads of new stuff to the site.

For now, I am posting a new interface design prototype that I have been working on.

The idea is to remove the disconnect between the user and the interactions by framing the interface as a tablet device within the application.

The familiarity of most users with tablets will facilitate intuitive use.


Abaddon v0.19 Released - Behind The Scenes - Ten Free Textures!


Got a special treat for everyone today, a behind the scenes look at the GPE (Game Programming Engine), powering my game Abaddon.

I have significantly re factored the code, initially I had set up the code to just be whatever worked basically, so I had lost my encapsulation. Now, that I have rewritten everything, the game runs much faster. Every object is much more logically organised and the classes have high cohesion and loose coupling.

Obviously, there is still a lot of work to do. I want to create an interface for my manager objects to inherit from first of all, although that would involve multiple inheritance, and develop the gameState from an integer to a class that would call the pertinent subroutines as I am using a switch statement and case block to do that at the moment.

Anyway, I have also updated the installer so that it automatically runs the DirectX Web Installer Client to update your DirectX to the most recent version. This should rectify the missing DLL error. Also, by using LZMA compression, and by removing a few unused testing assets I accidentally included in 0.17, I was able to shave almost 10 megs off the installer!.

You can get the new version of Abaddon, version 0.19 right here setup0.19.exe (16.57 MB).

I have generated Doxygen documentation explaining the system structure as it currently stands. One can view the GPE Documentation at: GPE.pdf

Also, because no update is worthwhile without pretty pictures to look at, I am releasing a bunch of textures I have created for FREE! Just surf on over to textures to check them all out.

Abaddon v0.17 Prototype Ultra Pre-Alpha (PUPA) released!


The engine is coming along well, screen shots are available on the gallery page. This video was recorded on a GeForce 8600 GTS in 1680x1050 resolution using OpenGL, and makes use of Alpha Splatting, for the terrain, and Normal, Specular, and Ambient Occlusion maps for the models using CG shaders.

You can download the game for Windows here setup0.17.exe (26.7 MB). Versions for Linux and Mac OS X are in the pipeline.

New website and 3D Art


Hello all! Long time no see! First things first, however, I have unearthed some low-poly 3D models I made a while ago, and have posted them on the 3D Media section of my portfolio.

Also, I have managed to get the domain name back from the squatters who stole it back in 2006, something I am quite excited about! :)
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New screenies


Hello all! I have two screen shots from the latest version of Abaddon. The first one shows the title screen, the second shows the inventory screen.

Redoing it all


Hello all, just been busy at work here, had to basically recreate the entire main website, the Abaddon website, and the websites, all from scratch!



Abaddon is a role playing game developed in the style of such titles as Mass Effect and Oblivion.

However, it's different in a number of ways. The setting isn't your typical one where you fight evil or slay beasts.

Instead, you are motivated by more basic needs, where you fight for food, shelter, and friendship (basically the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy).

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