Wizard on Amazon
October, 2015
Novella CoverGerard's new literature is now available on Amazon: Wizard.
The preoccupation with spells and the occult, is apparent from the massive amount of do it yourself demonology and conjuration literature which was published around the start of the 16th century.
This preoccupation was a sort of flourishing of the prospects of change between the former medieval era and the dawning of a new age.
Colonize on Amazon
September, 2015
Novella CoverGerard's new literature is now available on Amazon: Colonize.
A fanatical secret sect, a government conspiracy, a nanotech virus, and murderous gangs...it's all just another day for the last of an ancient breed.
He is a man who found himself an unwilling ally on an expedition to save the human race.
Content Management System
August, 2015
PC This article refers to how to write a content management system using PHP, which will be like Drupal or Joomla. You can see part of the code. This should give you a base from which you can start your own CMS.
4 Preventive Upkeep Applications to Evaluate for Your Company
July, 2015
PC Are you interested in conforming to medical gas regulations, handling yearly inspections, and meeting health care regulations easier? If you've been doing everything by pen and paper, then here is great news. You don't have to do that anymore. On the other hand, if you are already using a software program to assist you, but you are looking for better choices, here is a list of four different preventative maintenance software programs you will want to consider for your facility.
Hire Well If You Want a Useful Site
June, 2015
PCA few of the abilities required to build a website are as follows: writing content, using typography correctly, planning the layout, and making the images necessary. Therefore, when a firm builds websites they require various highly qualified employees.